The way to quit snoring in a natural way is to improve how you swallow. We swallow over 2,000 times everyday. Most of the time it’s saliva so we don’t notice.

How you swallow determines the default position of your tongue and soft palate. It also determines their relative strength. These are the big factors in snoring according to many clinical studies. Every oral-effecting snoring device basically tries to copy the results of correct swallowing form by keeping the tongue and or the soft palate away from the back of the throat.

To fix your swallowing form, there are professionals often at dental offices that can help. You save a lot of time and money doing it yourself by getting a Dream Sipper which fixes your swallowing using a dual motion as you drink half a glass of water a day for a couple weeks.

Fixing how you swallow effects so many important parts of your health. It helps reduce acid reflux, it helps prevent overeating, it helps prevent dry tongue, etc. In a way, you can look at snoring as your body’s alarm to warn that you are swallowing incorrectly.