Dream Sipper: Nature’s Cure for Snoring

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The Original Oral Therapy Sipper that trains your tongue to stay up along your palate and out of your throat – the clinically proven way to cure snoring.

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  • Lowers snoring noise level and frequency starting within 1 week.
  • Use the Dream Sipper daily for just a few weeks, then use it as needed to maintain your improved swallowing form.
  • Thousands of people have already reduced their snoring by improving their swallowing.
  • Guaranteed comfort: nothing at all to wear or use when you sleep!
  • Made to comply within the FDA Wellness Guidelines.
  • Safe: Made with soft medical grade silicone. BPA free.
  • Secure Payment: No credit card information is seen or saved by our website; it is all handled offsite by multi-billion dollar pay processors (Stripe or PayPal) within their super secure networks.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee.
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Does this product help with Sleep Apnea?

This product is made to help snoring.  Treating snoring can be an important part of treating sleep apnea, especially for those that can’t tolerate the nightmare of wearing a CPAP during sleep.

For sleep apnea, you need to also address the problem of inhaling too hard during sleep, which can be helped by daily exercise (which produces the AMPK enzyme, clinically proven in mice to cure sleep apnea).  We strongly recommend you work with your doctor on any program you do.

How do I know if the Dream Sipper will help my specific snoring problem?

As you read this, is your tongue resting all along the top of your mouth from the front of your palate behind your front teeth to the back towards your throat?  If not, this product will help you.

Is it worth the price?

Many thousands of people have cured or reduced snoring by improving how they swallow. The average cost of this therapy is over $1,000.  The Dream Sipper allows you to do this faster and at a 95% lower cost.

What other health benefits are there with using the Dream Sipper?

Besides curing snoring and improving sleep, the Dream Sipper can help

  • Reduce acid reflux
  • Slow how fast you eat
  • Improve digestion